I'm Zhenxi Mi

I design great products, services and apps

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Hi, my name is Zhenxi (dgen-see)!

One half designer, one quarter prototyper, and one quarter artist, with 3 years of working experience as a project manager for innovative design projects. I’m a team player, thriving on collaborative and creative jobs, work well with cross-functional teams by effective communication and shared understanding.

With the User-Centered Design skills I developed from getting my Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design at UW, as well as my passions in technology, art, and people, I’m competent to design delightful user experience.

Please check my RESUME for more about me.

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Tools that I love, Sketch 3, Arduino, HTML+CSS+JavaScript, Form/QC, Framer.js, Adobe Creative Cloud, Pen+Notebook

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Thank you for visiting my portfolio site, if you'd like to chat with me, let's grab a cup of coffee somewhere in New York, contact me via zhenxi.mi[at]gmail.com